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Hydrating Thirst-Quenching Freshness – Serum & Mask


Ultimate Thirst-Quenching Hydration

This beautifully presented set contains:

SOURCE MARINE Intense Moisture-Quenching Serum, 30 ml

This light and fresh ultra-concentrated serum boosts hydration and quenches the thirst of even the most parched skin.  Rich in marine manganese sève bleue des océans it teamed with  the Mediterranean Padina alga to visibly hydrate skin.

Apply to the face and neck, morning and evening, before your daily skincare.

SOURCE MARINE Rehydrating Pro Mask, 30 ml – FREE

Imbued with sève bleue, rich in marine manganese, and hyaluronic acid, this professionally inspired brush mask instantly rehydrates skin. In just ten minutes, skin is as if replenished with water and visibly plumped-up.

Put the tube to the ON position, dispense the product and apply it to the face and neck using the brush twice a week.

Leave on for 10 minutes.  Remove any excess product using a cotton pad soaked in lotion.

Put the tube in the OFF position, rinse the brush in hot water and wipe dry.

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Perfumed Soap


Body and hand soap with a lovely scent

This gentle soap, made according to the know-how of the well-known Marseille soaps, produces a smooth lather and leaves the body with a fresh and clean sea scent.

Size: 150g

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Aquatic Massage Oil


Light body oil with a wonderfully delicious smell.

SPA in the bathroom.

– can be advantageously used as a massage oil

With an intense blue color, which offers a pure moment of well-being by revitalising the skin.

Size: 100 ml

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Silky Aquatic Milk – Body Cream


Body cream/body lotion

Smells absolutely fantastic! Silky soft milk enriched with aloe vera that soothes and moisturises the skin, and envelops the body with a delicate marine scent. Also contains the powerful antioxidant asthaxanthin from a microalgae that protects and revitalises the skin.

Size: 100 ml

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Marine Scrub – Parfum Rose de Mai


Marine Scrub, Parfum Rose de Mai, 50 ml

Effectively removes dead skin cells and makes dry, dull skin healthy again.

Size: 50 ml

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Marine Scrub – Fleur De Mimosa


Marine Scrub, Fleur De Mimosa, 50 ml

Effectively removes dead skin cells and makes dry, dull skin healthy again.

Size: 50 ml

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Marine Scrub – Fleur D’Orange


Marine Scrub, Fleur D’Orange, 50 ml

Lovely, fresh and affordable facial scrub with the scent of orange blossom. Suitable for all skin types!

Size: 50 ml

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Thalgo Men – Gift Set


The Thalgo Men Gift Set includes products enriched with active ingredient Vital Blue Algae, which combats cellular stress and fights against the first signs of ageing.


  • Regenerating Care – 50 ml: This non-greasy care enriched with anti-ageing active ingredients visibly fortifies the skin: day after day, it appears smoother, firmer and more toned.
  • Body & Hair Awakening Shower – 100 ml: Invigorating, this shower gel is ideal after sport, when travelling and for everyday use.
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