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Hydrating Melting Cream


This fresh and smooth cream, concentrated in blue sap from the oceans and patented micro-exploded seaweed filtrate, is enriched with an alginate complex that moisturises for 24 hours.**

To offer even more naturality and reduce the environmental impact, THALGO MAKES A COMMITMENT:
– 95% natural origin ingredients
– Excellent on Yuka
– Refillable jar

Size: 50 ml
Expert Advice: Apply morning and evening to perfectly cleansed face and neck, alone or after the serum.

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Foaming Cleansing Lotion


Foaming Cleanser

 A real gesture of freshness, this cleansing foam with revitalising Micro-Exploded Algae Extract, gently cleanses and intensely refreshes. The skin is clear and purified.

The + product: its “foam” texture inspired by the foam of the waves of the Mediterranean

Size: 150 ml

Expert Advice: Apply a dab of product to wet skin, avoiding the eye contour area.
Emulsify to create a lather.
Rinse thoroughly.

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Micronised Marine Algae


Remineralising – Revitalising

Algae powder rich in minerals and trace elements that recreates a remineralizing “sea bath” at home. Extremely fine powder that creates a uniform and comfortable bath. After 15 minutes in the bath, the body’s mineral reserves are recharged. The result is a body better prepared for the daily stresses.

For best results, the bath water should be 37-39 degrees warm.

Tip: After the bath, you can relax in a bathrobe for as long as the bath. Then take a hot or cold shower.

Size: 10x 40g

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Exfoliating Marine Soap


This 3-in-1 body treatment is enriched in patented Micronised Marine Algae powder and fine particles of exfoliating algae, to 1/ cleanse, 2/ exfoliate and 3/ revitalise the skin.

The nubs on it give a stimulating and energising massage.

Size: 150 g
Expert Advice: Lather on damp skin in circular motions. Rinse and dry thoroughly.

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Revitalising Marine Shower Gel


This sulfate-free foaming gel with a neutral pH for the skin, enriched in a Micronised Marine Algae extract, cleanses the skin all while providing it with the minerals and trace elements essential for its vitality.

Its fine, light texture wraps the skin in a fresh marine fragrance.

Size: 200 ml
Expert Advice:In the shower, emulsify all over the body then rinse.

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Marine Algae Solid Cleanser


A refreshing step, this marine soap concentrated in revitalising Micronised Marine Algae cleanses, detoxifies and purifies skin deep down without drying it out. Immediately, skin texture seems visibly smooth and refined.

Size: 100 g

Expert Advice: Gently rub the cleanser between your wet palms or directly onto dampened face.
Lightly massage skin, then rinse.
For a more intense detox effect, leave the product on for a few extra minutes.
In the event of contact with eyes, rinse immediately.

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Beautifying Tonic Lotion – King Size


Cocooning Routine
A must-have step in a cocooning cleansing routine, this fresh lotion with revitalising Micronised Marine Algae Extract removes the last traces of make-up, hydrates and tones all skin types.

The product plus: its slightly gelled texture, scented with a delicate marine note

Size: 200 ml
Expert Advice: Use a cotton pad to apply Beautifying Tonic Lotion all over the face and neck. Then spray Reviving Marine Mist onto skin.

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Velvet Cleansing Milk – King Size


Velvet Cleansing Milk with revitalising Micronised Marine Algae Extract gently removes make-up and impurities. Velvety and silky smooth, it leaves skin hydrated, soft and comfortable.

This product does not leave a greasy finish on your skin.

Expert Advice: Apply morning and evening to dry skin with the fingertips or a cotton pad.
Gently massage, making circular movements all over the face and neck.

Remove any excess using a cotton pad and rinse off using a cotton pad soaked in Beautifying Tonic Lotion.

Size: 400ml

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