Activ Refining Burner

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Activ Refining Burner

Activ Refining Burner contains a patented phytocomplex called Sinetrol®, clinically proven* to reduce waist and hips circumference by 5 cm on average. It also contains Guarana extract titrated in caffeine, combined with Fucus brown algae extract.

30 capsules

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1 capsule at midday and in the evening

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Active Ingredients

  • Nutriments et substance à effet physiologique

    Caffeine, iodine, zinc, vitamin B6

  • Plantes

    Sweet orange, blood orange, grapefruit, guarana seed, Fucus vesiculosus algae


Extrait Sec D'orange Douce Citrus Sinensis, Extrait Sec D'orange Sanguine Citrus Sinensis, Extrait Sec De Pamplemousse Citrus Paradisi, Extrait Sec De Graine De Guarana Paullinia Cupana", Gelatine De Poisson, Extrait Sec D'algue Brune Fucus Vesiculosus, Gluconate De Zinc, Extrait Sec De Graine De Guarana Paullinia Cupana, Stearate De Magnesium, Dioxyde De Silicium, Chlorhydrate De Pyridoxine

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