Ocea Sun Tanning Capsules


Intensify and Enhance a tan

Achieve a natural-looking, golden tan without the damaging side effects with the Ocea Sun capsules from Thalgo. The apricot-flavored supplements help to prolong the life of your bronzed glow while protecting the skin against premature aging, free radical damage and UV radiation. Infused with Algae and plant-based Carotenoid Pigments for a long-lasting color and Vitamin E, Zinc and Selenium to defend against wrinkles, sagging and dry skin, the capsules are the best way to a safe, sun-kissed tan.

Size: 30 Capsules
Expert Advice: Take 1 capsule a day, at least 3 weeks before sun exposure, then during exposure and for 1 month after exposure to prolong the tan.

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